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Two brothers, Chris and Jeremy VanSice, working to bring mead to northern Michigan.

Our family has lived in the area between Clam Lake, Lake Bellaire, and Torch Lake for six generations. We have a special love of the area and we want to bring you the flavor of this spectacular spot. Our bees travel to local orchards and farms and create a honey that truly represents the flavors of Northern Michigan. We source our fruit as close to the meadery as possible by working with those same local farmers whose crops our bees helped to pollinate.

We have a long family history of bottling delicious drinks. Our great great grandpa Bailey bottled water from a natural spring on the banks of Clam Lake. This fantastic water was sold throughout the community. His building still stands across from our childhood home and serves as a daily reminder to do grandpa proud.


King's Cherry (22oz Bottle)

Michigan ranks #1 in the nation for tart cherries, and Bee Well Mead & Cider is happy to partner with King Orchards, one of the top growers in the area, to create our very 1st Balaton and Montmorency cherry blend hard apple cider; a beautiful marriage of Kings family apples and tart cherries. A deliciously sweet, tart, and refreshing blend of orchard fruit.

King's Hard Cider (22oz Bottle)

For 30 years, King Orchards of Central Lake have been pioneers in growing some of the most sought after fruit in Northern Michigan. A few short miles from Torch Lake and Lake Michigan, Antrim County's king of apple and Bee Well are proud to create a deliciously semi-sweet hard cider, reminiscent of a day in the orchard.

Antrim Apple Pie

Fall is our favorite time of year at the meadery. It's a time to gather and press a blend of apples from neighboring orchards. In this bottle we combined our delicious local apples, vanilla beans from Madagascar, cinnamon from Sri Lanka and honey from Antrim County, Michigan. The result is our version of apple pie in a bottle. The warm flavors will surely bring back memories of pies baking in Grandma's kitchen.

Cherry Vanilla

For years, King Orchards has been growing some of the finest tart cherries in Northern Michigan and we are lucky to have them down the road. We use King's cherry juice along with local honey and Madagascar vanilla beans to create this sweet, delicious cherry mead.

Ginger Peach

Michigan peaches, local honey and ginger come together to bring you a taste of our hometown. Our mead is made in small batches in Northern Michigan in the area nestled between Clam Lake, Lake Bellaire and Torch Lake. It's the perfect drink for a day on the boat or watching the sunset over the lake.

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Jeremy VanSice

Specialties: Apple farming, family man, meadmaker, and sales.

To know him is to love him. Voted one of the top bartenders in Northern Michigan, Jeremy now runs Bee Well Meadery

Chris VanSice

Specialities: Meadmaker, marketing & social media

First child of the VanSice clan, Chris's passion for all things alcohol now has him running Bee Well Meadery.

Parker VanSice

Specialties: Maintenance and just about everything else.

Parker is the youngest son in the VanSice family but we really think he's McGuyver's long lost son. There isn't anything this kid can't jury rig and get working. He once turned a ball point pen into a jack for a semi truck.

Paige VanSice

Specialties: Sales and marketing guru.

In Paige's time with us we've quickly ramped up to over 100 store and tap accounts. Look for her on the road visiting stores, working brew festivals, and preaching the Bee Well story.

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Tasting Room

Check out our exclusive tasting room - only mead & cider

Email us if you'd like to swing by outside the listed hours. We'll let you know if we're available

116 N Bridge St.
Bellaire, MI 49615

Monday: 4PM-8PM
Tuesday: 1PM-8PM
Wednesday: 1PM-8PM
Thursday: 1PM-8PM
Friday: Noon-10PM
Sunday: Noon-9PM


We want to thank all the people who helped on our Kickstarter campaign. They provided the push we needed to get our meadery up and running. They will never be forgotten and will forever be remembered on our website. We love you guys!

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